Current Deposit Account

Current account is a primary relationship account for a customer with the bank. The account can be opened by any person of 18+ years of age and/or any organization. No interest is payable in the account but accommodate high frequency and high volume of transaction. This account type is ideal for business people and organizations. Govt./Bangladesh Bank regulations apply.

  • Features of Current Bank Account
      1. High volume/High Frequency transaction allowed.
      2. Cheque Book issued.
      3. Debit Card facility available.
      4. SMS Banking/Interest Banking available.
      5. Account holder can submit application for loan.
      6. Balance certificate issued twice a year.
      7. Customer information secrecy is maintained strictly.
      8. High security of your money.
      9. Online transaction facility free up to Tk.2.00 lac inbuilt.
      10. Statement of accounts can be obtained.
  • Primary Requirement
      1. Valid identification of customer.
      2. Photo identification for all person.
      3. Filled in application form.
      4. Know Your Customer (KYC) profile.
      5. Verification of information/addresses.
      6. Photographs.
  • Other Documents (if apply)
      1. Trade License.
      2. TIN.
      3. VAT.
      4. Board Resolution.
      5. Authorization.
      6. Nominee information.
      Charges: See schedule of charges of the bank.
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