SBL Moushumi Rin (Seasonal Loan)

"SBL Moushumi Rin" is SME loan facility with/without Collateral to create additional opportunities during different festivals and seasonal events (i.e. Eids, Pujas, Chistmas, Bengali and English New Year, etc.) for SME business to organize special business arrangement to increase sales turnover and profit.
  • Key Features
      1. To meet the cash requirement as short term financing on occasional events for special business arrangement to increase sales turnover and profit.
      2. Facility Type – Short Term Loan
      3. Loan Ceiling – Tk. 2.00 Lac to Tk. 20.00 Lac
      4. Loan Tenure – Maximum 06 months (no grace period is allowed).
      5. Nominal Interest Rate.
  • Eligibility
      1. Age: At least 21 years.
      2. Any entrepreneur having the experience of successfully managing the business for at least two years may apply for the loan.
      Required Documents:
      1. Valid trade license
      2. Special license/permission (if applicable) for business operation.
      3. Notarized partnership deed/registered by Sub Register Officer (in case of partnership).
      4. Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited Company.
      5. Passport/National voter ID/ward commissioner/UP chairman certificate of the Proprietor/Partner/Directors.
      6. Photo of the proprietor/Partners and guarantors.
      7. Statement of all active bank loans (if any).
      8. Last 12 months bank statement of transactional account.
  • Security Arrangement
      1. Primary Security:
      2. Hypothecation of machineries, equipment, vehicles, inventories.
      3. Personal guarantee of Proprietor/Partner/Directors and their spouse.
      4. 02(two) 3rd party Guarantors whose Net Worth must not be less than the proposed Loan amount/Loan limit.
      5. Collateral (not compulsory for credit facility up to Tk.5.00 Lac):
      6. Registered mortgage of property/ownership of the space/possession right purchased in Bank’s name.
      7. Lien of cash collateral (FDR) and other encashable financial instrument (in any)
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