School Banking

This is special type of saving account, meant for inclusion of unaddressed portion of the society with the financial system. In this scenario, these are students, the future generations, who are to be introduced to financial institution, to grow their saving habit and to make them provident.
  • Benefits
      1. Interest rate 7.50%.
      2. The account can be opened with Tk.100.00 only.
      3. Interest is applicable on daily balance and is paid half yearly.
      4. Any amount can be deposited in the account.
      5. NO service Charge.
      6. Debit Card/Cheque book can be issued.
  • Requirements
      1. Student ID and 2 copies of photograph.
      2. Guardian/ Father or mother’s 2 copies of photo and Voter ID.
      3. Birth Registration Certificate or testimonial stating DOB of the Student.
      4. Tk.100.00 initial deposit.
  • Restrictions
      1. Has to be operated jointly by the student and Guardian/Father or mother.
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