SBL Double Income Plus (DI+) Programme

This product is for those having surplus fund for longer period and want to invest their money in a safer mode without affecting liquidity of cash. In this mode of investment resources increases over a longer period of time at a steady rate irrespective of changes in deposit market environment. Total term of the scheme as of now is 7 (seven) years.
  • Benefits
      1. More than double amount of money at the maturity.
      2. Tk.10,000/-or its multiple can be invested.
      3. A specially designed receipt(instrument).
      4. Availability of Loan facility, keeping the instrument as security.
      5. Encashment before maturity shall entitle you the following facility:
        1. Encashment before 1(one) year gives no interest.
        2. Encashment before maturity after 1(one) year gives standard FDR rate
      6. No service charge in the Account shall be applied.
  • Requirements
      1. 2 copies Passport Size Photographs of applicant(s).
      2. 1 copy passport size photograph of nominee(s).
      3. Photo identification of applicant(s) and nominee(s).
      4. Filled in application form.
      5. Standard Know Your Customer( KYC) profile.
  • Restrictions
      1. less than Tk.10.000.00 cannot be invested as DI+.
      2. No interest is given if encashed within 1(one) year.
      3. Interest @ 5% shall be given for premature encashment after 1(one) year.
      4. In case the receipt is lost standard instrument reissuance method apply.
      5. All Govt./Bangladesh bank/Standard banking rules apply.
      6. Any change of address/contact information must be provided immediately.
      7. Not transferrable from branch to branch.
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