Products of Green Banking

» Products of Green Banking:
  1. Solar Home System
    1. - Solar Micro/Mini Grid
    2. - Solar Irrigation Pump System
    3. - Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Assembly Plant
  2. Bio-Gas Plant
    1. - Integrated Cattle Rearing & Bio-Gas Plant installation
    2. - Organic Manure from Slurry
    3. - Medium Size Bio-Gas Plant
  3. Biological ETP
    1. - Integrated ETP Technology of Biological & Chemical
    2. - Chemical ETP transformation in as (Kha) nos.
  4. Old kiln of Calcium Carbonate Transformation in New kiln (Lime Kiln)
  5. Vermicompost (কেঁচো কম্পুস্ট সার)
  6. Water Electricity Plant(Pico, Micro, Mini)
  7. PET Bottle Recycle Plant
  8. Solar Betray Recycle Plant
  9. LED technology based Bulb production Plant
  10. Reduce Carbon in Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK)/Tunnel Kiln /Equivalent Plant installation
  11. Bio-Moss based Big Size Bio-Gas Plant(Agriculture Wastage, Rice Ban, Sugar Can straw or wastage, Crops unused part used as raw materials)
  12. Poultry & Dairy based Large scale Bio-Gas Plant
  13. 01 (One) Mega watt or more higher capacity Solar PV Plant
  14. Solar Cooker assembly Plant
  15. Solar Water Hitter assembly plant
  16. Solar Air Hitter & Cooling System assembly Plant
  17. Cold Storage of Solar Power Plant
  18. Windmills electricity Plant
  19. Replacement in industry /Factory inefficiency by energy savings lighting system, efficient electronic equipment, energy efficient boiler by Energy Audit Report
  20. Censored power switch assembly plant for electricity savings
  21. Improved Cook Stove (ICS)/ICS Renewable/Hybrid Cook Stove
  22. LED Bulb/ Tube Light assembly Plant
  23. Methane recovery & production of electricity from Municipality wastage
  24. Production of Organic Manure from Municipality Wastage
  25. Hazardous Waste management / treatment
  26. Fecal Sludge (গাঁদ) management & processing
  27. Waste Water & Sewage Water Treatment Plant
  28. Burning Oil Production from Tier (Pyrolysis Process)
  29. Compresed Blok Brick production plant(Non Fire Brick)
  30. Foam –Concrete Block Production Plant(Non Fire Brick)
  31. Used Paper recycle plant for Paper production
  32. Plastic Wastage (PVC/PP/LDPE/HDPE/PS) recycle Plant
  33. Reprocessing of Bagged plant (Natural raw materials: Bamboo etc.)
  34. Reprocessing of Non-Oven polypropylene neat & bagged production plant
  35. Pam oil Production with Energy Efficiency Plant
  36. To drink Surface water treatment & supply plant by using solar pump
  37. Green Industry (Uses of natural light, Water, wind & energy efficiency technology)
  38. Improving Working Environment & security at Textile & Fabric industry
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