SBL Regular Income Programme (SRIP)

The Account best suits those having necessity of regular fixed income for a period. This account gives fixed amount of money back every month for the contracted period, keeping original deposit untouched. However, In case of premature encashment withdrawn amount shall be deducted from the deposited amount for settlement.
  • Benefits
      1. Monthly income @Tk 400 for per instance of Tk 50,000.00 deposit.
      2. Loan facility available against the deposit.
      3. A specially designed receipt(instrument) is given.
      4. No service charge in the Account shall be applied.
      5. A specially designed receipt(instrument) is provided
      6. Automatic monthly interest transfer facility available.
      7. The account is renewed automatically, if not closed.
      8. The account can be opened on any day of the months.
      9. savings rate given for premature encashment after 1(one) year.
  • Requirements
      1. The customer must have a SB/CD/SND account.
      2. Two copies Passport Size Photographs of applicant(s).
      3. One copy passport size photograph of nominee(s).
      4. Photo identification of applicant(s) and nominee(s).
      5. Filled in application form.
      6. Standard Know Your Customer(KYC) profile.
  • Restrictions
      1. Available Tenors, 1(one), 2(two) or 3(three) year.
      2. Tk 50,000.00 or its multiple can be deposited.
      3. Maximum deposit Tk 25,00,000.00 for individual.
      4. Maximum limit Tk 50,00,000.00 for organization.
      5. All Govt./Bangladesh bank/Standard bank rules shall apply.
      6. In case the receipt is lost standard instrument reissuance method apply.
      7. Withdrawn amount shall be adjusted with principal, if prematurely closed.
      8. No interest is given, if encashed within 1 (one) year.
      9. Not transferrable from branch to branch.
      10. Any change of address/contact information must be provided immediately.
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